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Features for

Creating Stories

Support for diverse media types

You can add 360 and 2D videos and images, audio as well as text boxes to your stories. Media items can be combined in scenes to create immersive experiences.​

Scene-based storytelling

Scenes can be combined for linear and non-linear storytelling. Custom interaction hot-spots are available to let your viewers choose the next scene within an experience.​

Media library

You can organize all your media items in a personal media library, even share individual media items with other Fader users. To take your stories further you can use media items shared by other Fader users in your own stories.​

Going live

Once you are finished with your story you can publish your story to your own audience or on our Discover platform for anyone to find and view. Either way we handle the technical bits, you can focus on getting your story in front of your audience.​

Sharing via the Web

Published stories can be played in almost any web-browser, on mobile devices, desktop PCs or VR HMDs. You can also embed stories on your own website or publishing platforms like Medium.​

Live editing

Even after a story has been published, you may modify it or add content. Once your changes were saved your viewers will enjoy the new experience right away.​

Features for

Publishing Stories

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