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With Fader you can build and publish your own 360 video story.

Add photos and videos to scenes, enhance your story with sound, text or interactive hotspots – just as you like.

Present your favorite place, tell your story or show us your living room. Create interactive multimedia stories with panoramic view. And embed them wherever you like.

It runs in your browser.

Fader is free to use. Get in touch with us to find out how we can meet your specific requirements.


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What others say

"Every newsroom should experiment with Fader. It's the gateway drug for VR storytelling.“
Jeff Jarvis – BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do?
“Thanks to Fader, euronews can easily put together and distribute interactive VR experiences across devices and languages. We've shot and published over a hundred 360 videos and now, thanks to Vragments' web-based editor, we can get to the next level of immersive storytelling.“
Thomas Seymat - Immersive storytelling & #VR @euronews. @Journalism_360 ambassador
What Vragments has done for traditional pen and notepad reporters is unlock the door to immersive 360 journalism. Now all they have to do is turn the knob and walk through. For reporters convinced that their technical skills can't keep up with their vision for telling stories, Fader is the cure.
Trey Bundy - Reporter at The Center for Investigative Reporting
"The great thing about Fader is that everyone can create 360 content. Users won't get too distracted by technical challenges but can focus on telling sophisticated 360 stories."
Eva Lopez-Lopez - Innovation Manager Deutsche Welle

Latest news

April 18, 2018

Creation Of An Educational Art VR Experience — Pt. I (Ideation)

This February, we (Vragments) teamed up with Deutsche Welle to create a VR experience that started in 2017 with an ideation workshop and continued with a prototype workshop.

Read more about Creation Of An Educational Art VR Experience — Pt. I (Ideation)

March 13, 2018

Fader On Mobile Browsers – A Status Update

UPDATE: Video has returned on mobile platforms on iPhones with iOS 11.3+ Patience is a virtue. Currently, the most recent update for Chrome 65 (65.0.3325.109) for Android browsers is being rolled out. Unfortunately, this release introduced a bug for WebVR sites. Fader is affected by it, too. At least for now. The symptoms are: very slow vertical Read more about Fader On Mobile Browsers – A Status Update[…]

February 21, 2018

VR Workshop For Beginners – What Can Be Done In 48 Hours?

Earlier this year, we conducted a VR workshop at Deutsche Welle AKADEMIE in Bonn, Germany. The participants wanted to learn more about immersive storytelling. Within two days, all DW trainees were able to come up with some very creative approaches to 360 narratives. Read more about VR Workshop For Beginners – What Can Be Done In 48 Hours?

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How Fader works

Fader lets you do more with your pictures and videos. Within minutes you build your very own immersive 360 experience. Bye bye boring slideshows.

Fader is free to use and currently in beta. If you have any problems or ideas to make it better: Get in touch and drop us a line.

3 simple steps

You have a folder full of pics and videos? Great, just upload them into the system. You´d rather prefer playing around for a start? No worries: We have some demo footage to fiddle around with.

You can arrange your material in so-called scenes. Add as many as you like. Add text, sound, more images or interactive hotspots. And finally: Re-arrange your scenes so that everything looks splendid.

With a tip of your finger you unlock your story. You are now free to embed or praise your piece of art. Still feeling shy about it all? Just keep your story private and enjoy it all by yourself.


Fader is produced by Berlin-based startup Vragments with love and precision. We are programmers, journalists and storytellers. We have built VR projects in collaboration with The Center for Investigative Reporting and public broadcasters like Deutschlandfunk Kultur and rbb.

Fader is currently in beta and is co-funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative. It has been tested and approved by news organizations, universities and people with stories to tell. 

Get in touch

Please drop a line if you like the tool, need add-ons or have great ideas for further modifications. Thx!