Come & Apply for our VR Journalism Hackathon

We teamed up with Deutsche Welle Akademie, Mediadesign Hochschule and The Center of Investigative Reporting to bring Europe´s first VR Journalism Hackathon to Berlin. The future of storytelling will not solely rely on flat screens. The stories of tomorrow will offer a door to actually step into them in order to explore and experience them Read more about Come & Apply for our VR Journalism Hackathon[…]

The Weekly Week #6 – VR Storytelling

Discussing F8, Storytelling and going to Mosul with the Economist. If you were wondering how long a week can be or if this section should be renamed to The Monthly Month – we are still here. Busy working on our product Fader and apart from that Marcus was in Sicily picking oranges and contemplating about Read more about The Weekly Week #6 – VR Storytelling[…]

The Weekly Week #5 – Our Hackathon

Discussing Europe´s first VR Journalism Hackathon, life is live and of course: ethics. Another week in the life of our little startup. Besides Slack we now do have a weekly conference to keep track on what everybody is actually working on all the time. Quite effective to be doing several things simultaneously. Some days ago Read more about The Weekly Week #5 – Our Hackathon[…]

The Weekly Week #3 – VR in Journalism

Discussing the Crossmeditag in Leipzig, acceleration and our new workshop programme. Stephan, Linda and Marcus just spent two days in Leipzig to present Vragments and our project VRΩ  to a mixed crowd of German journalists during the Crossmedia Days 2016. We got a lot of helpful feedback. It was great to see that German journalists are Read more about The Weekly Week #3 – VR in Journalism[…]

The Weekly Week #2 – Give me superpowers

Discussing PsychicVR, Associated Press and the Hype Cycle. Hello world! As you may or may not have heard yet. We are one of the DNI funded projects. Yay. That gives us the opportunity to focus on the product development of Fader, our VR solution for journalists. Check out Lindas write-up about Fader and meeting Trey Read more about The Weekly Week #2 – Give me superpowers[…]