Come & Apply for our VR Journalism Hackathon

We teamed up with Deutsche Welle Akademie, Mediadesign Hochschule and The Center of Investigative Reporting to bring Europe´s first VR Journalism Hackathon to Berlin.

The future of storytelling will not solely rely on flat screens. The stories of tomorrow will offer a door to actually step into them in order to explore and experience them first-hand. What is needed now are experiments and brave pioneers. Because journalistic experiences in 360 or in Virtual Reality will once again change and enhance the ways to tell stories in the beginning 21st century. Instead of condemning or discussing new means of production theoretically we want to embrace new technologies and play around with them.


Come and join us, try and fail and learn and find out in Berlin 2016, September 21-22 in the really nice building of the Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin Kreuzberg right before this years VR Conference.

If you are a journalist, programmer, designer, illustrator or VR enthusiastwho would like to push things forward this event is for you. You get:

  • 36 hours of prototyping
  • Like-minded people from all over Europe and the US
  • Get your hands dirty with some VR rapid prototyping
  • Learn more about tools to built VR experiences
  • Mix and mingle with journalists, coders and artists

Europe’s VR Journalism Hackathon is free of charge.
All you need to do is apply here.




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