Coming full circle at this year’s Techraking event in Berlin

Wow, it has already been one year since we last attended a Techraking event in Berlin. Last year, the event actually inspired us to start VRagments, so it was a big deal to us. Since then, we’ve been to a few more Techraking events, one in Paris and one in D.C.

The event in Paris was exciting because we got to talk about our ideas for the first time in public.

Techraking in D.C. was an event we’ll never forget because we talked about our startup – just a few meters away from the Decleration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. That was a special day.

Since then, we’ve been able to work VERY closely with CIR’s reporter Trey Bundy on a particular VR story that we finally got to showcase at this year’s Techraking in Berlin:

This year, Techraking took place at Correctiv’s offices and was organized by Correctiv, Google News Lab and CIR. Honestly, it was such a great event, maybe the best Techraking I’ve seen so far. Why? Because the participants were A-mazing! And right in the middle of the program we were able to tell people about our VR story (more on that soon – we are still working on the episodes), the technologies behind it and how CIR has been incredibly helpful and supportive in starting our company.

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