Fader Feature: User Analytics

Good news for all our Fader users: We have implemented a long-awaited feature that allows Fader creators to check their user analytics.

Fader allows users to create and publish their 360º stories easily and fast. It is one thing to see how many people have retweeted your latest Fader story. It is another thing to actually monitor the views of your stories over time. Now you can do so on two different levels: the first level is a global view that shows Fader users how many projects they have created, how many assets they have uploaded and how many views all their projects have had so far. The second level goes in deeper, showing users relevant statistics based on one specific Fader story.


Try it out yourself and tell us what you think! This is what we are interested in: What other metrics would you like to see? How do you want them to be displayed? Drop us an email or contact us via Twitter.

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