Fader On Mobile Browsers – A Status Update

UPDATE: Video has returned on mobile platforms on iPhones with iOS 11.3+

Patience is a virtue. Currently, the most recent update for Chrome 65 (65.0.3325.109) for Android browsers is being rolled out. Unfortunately, this release introduced a bug for WebVR sites. Fader is affected by it, too. At least for now. The symptoms are: very slow vertical rotation and no horizontal rotation. This is a bummer, since we know our users would like to enjoy Fader stories on their phones, not just on Desktop. We hope that the fix for Chrome won’t take too long. The discussion in the developer fora is already very lively in getting us back on track, so please stay tuned.

Here’s a short list of the current browser landscape for Fader:

Operating System OSX Windows Linux iOS 11.3+ iOS <= 11.2 Android
Chrome OK OK OK OK no videos n/a
Firefox OK OK OK OK no videos no videos
Safari OK n/a n/a OK no videos n/a

We set out to build Fader as a web-based content creation and publication platform for 360° and VR content. With more than 2 years in the making, we have encountered quite a view pitfalls achieving our goal on mobile browsers. Yes, cross platform compatibility and a unified user experience are not easy to get in such a heterogeneous environment.

We hope to be back with better news, soon. Here are some more technical resources

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