Fader Tutorials

We have seen loads of new sign ups and people experimenting with Fader.

Thank you for your interest and your creative approaches to let your audience experience your 360 stories. We have seen experiences of the car sharing industry in China, concerts in the UK or a conference visit in Germany. For those who might still have questions about the tool, here are a few tutorials we created for you. These should get you going. Let us know if you still have any questions.

Your first Fader steps

Simply add a few 360 images and videos into different scenes and publish your story right away.

Add 2D content to your 360 story

Sometimes, you have flat images and videos you want to share in a 360 story. No problem with Fader, simply upload your 2D content and add them to your scenes.

Add text to your 360 story

The more information, the better. You want to add some text to your story? Go right ahead.

Add interactive hotspots to your story

You want to offer an interactive 360 experience? You can add hotspots to the scenes and let your audience decide which way the narrative should go.

We are looking forward to seeing more experiences.

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