LVL UP 2.0 event in Hamburg, November 19th

LVL UP 2.0 by 7mobile was hosted at the VR-Nerds ShoVRoom, allowing the participants to enjoy their collection of VR gadgets – one highlight being the HTC Vive!

Official Program

Half a year after the first LVL UP event, VR is vibrantly discussed at events and meetups. As more and more affordable devices are entering the market, VR is finally coming to consumers in their homes. Possibilities are virtually infinite, from gaming and entertainment to education, medicine and industry.

Uke Bosse, known from TV formats like GameOne and Reload, guided through the event and an official recap has already been posted at

These were some of the highlights:

  • Christoph from VR-Nerds is responsible for hard- and software testing. He highlighted social aspects of VR, such as group formation in virtual space, neutralizing geographic location and spatial access and using the power of VR to create empathy. Group formation and mutual experiences are among the things that large social networks are targeting right now.
  • Oliver Roessling presented OpusVR, a tool for marketing of real-estate and architecture in VR on a wide range of devices from smartphones to full-fledged HMDs. Architecture and living environments are indeed strong showcases for what VR has to offer – giving access to either inaccessible and not yet finished, but planned environments. The ability to be immersed in maybe your future home can allow you to make educated decisions prior to moving in or even construction.
  • Creative entrepreneur Evgeni Kouris showcased Toy Car, an augmented reality game that renders a virtual car an obstacles into a real world scene on a phone’s display. While digital devices are more and more common even in kids’ rooms, playgrounds and education, Evgeni and his team sought a method to playfully integrate digital devices into kids’ entertainment, still keeping the real world an integral part of gameplay.

Some impressions from the event can be found at flickr and there is also a video on the VR-Nerds Youtube channel.

Try it out

What I personally love about events like that is, while some devices are accessible in early stages, some aren’t. Thanks to the VR-Nerd’s installed setup of the HTC Vive at their ShoVRoom, a lot of the attendees got a chance to experience VR with advanced tracking technology not only of the headset, but also using handheld controllers for user interaction. It is also a chance for the community to exchange ideas while experiencing VR – not just from an academic or purely business perspective – but with a playful approach. While listening to talks about VR, this can be entertaining and informative. Yet, it is nowhere near the feeling of getting truly immersed in a good VR experience. Whenever you have a chance to attend such an event near you, you should definitively go. If you are in the Berlin area, check out the VR Meetups.

Social media, gaming and beyond

Many experiences can be enjoyed in VR – from watching movies and ‘cat content’ together over 360-degree panoramas, video stories, and cultural or sports events (JauntVR has a bunch of them), animated sequences that allow you to dive into a story up to of course games. One thing that could prevent VR from not vanishing again is the fact, that devices from cardboards up to full fledged HMDs are finally in a consumer price range and there are numerous content types for each class emerging. At VRagments, we are confident in playing our role to providing exciting and edutaining experiences.

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