New VR Pop Up Store in Berlin

Two weeks ago, we co-hosted our 3rd VR Pop Up Store in Berlin.

One of our get-togethers in the afternoon. We premiered Fader stories, discussed VR storytelling and had a drink.

It was a little different to the ones before that. This time, it was not really a store, but rather an office we were able to rent for two days. It was close to the re:publica site so that people could come over and hang out for a while. And people showed up.

It was, as usual, very rewarding to speak to the VR community, our friends and our users. We conducted Fader workshops, we showed our latest VR prototype and we got to speak to so many cool people.

Every day in the evening, we premiered new Fader stories, for example this one by David Rojkowski:

Screenshot of the Fader story “remembrance is real” by David Rojkowski

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