Our Fader prototype is up and running

These are exciting times for us. Google’s Digital News Initiative has announced their second round of funding and we are proud of being considered yet another time. We aim to build a VR tool – Fader – that turns your story into a VR experience. Easy, fast and web-based!

While immersive storytelling techniques have emerged, we want newsrooms to utilize this new medium by not having to focus on the technical challenges. Instead, we want journalists to be able to concentrate fully on VR storytelling techniques. Let’s focus on what we have accomplished so far.

Google’s Digital News Initiative – round 1: Fader Prototype

Over the past months, we developed our Fader prototype. By now, we are up and running. We built a web-based tool with which users create VR projects by uploading media assets into various scenes and by publishing their VR stories in WebVR. In each scene, different media types can be uploaded (360 content but also data and maps). Here is a video that shows you what the tool can do so far.

Once the VR story has been created, users simply hit the play button and the story is available in a browser (you can choose between a private and a public mode). That means, your VR content is accessible on any phone (well, currently, it works for Android). With your URL, you can share your VR story and you can also embed the VR story into your own articles if you’d like.

If you are interested in using Fader, you can register to access.

Google’s Digital News Initiative – round 2: Newsroom integration

With the help of the second round of funding from Google’s Digital News Initiative, we will extend Fader into a VR tool that can be used by journalists within their newsroom settings. We will be able to cater to different journalistic needs by working together with two organizations: Deutsche Welle and Euronews.

We are looking forward to kicking off this second part of our project. If you have any questions regarding the project or if you’d like to be part of this somehow, let us know.

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