Flexible plans for any type of content creator

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Best for enthusiasts
Per Month
  • 10 Private stories
  • 10 Public stories
  • 200 GB Bandwidth


Best for professionals
Per Month
  • Unlimited private stories
  • 20 Public stories
  • 1 TB Bandwidth


Best for content teams
Per Month
  • Unlimited private stories
  • Unlimited public stories
  • 2 TB Bandwidth


Best for organizations
Per Month
  • Unlimited private stories
  • Unlimited public stories
  • 5 TB Bandwidth

Not ready for a paid account?

Use our free account for as long as you want.

Includes 1 private story, 1 public story, 80 GB bandwidth with €0.20 per extra GB bandwidth​.

Create once, play anywhere

Fader stories can be played whereever the web is available. Play them on mobile phones, desktop web browsers or VR headsets such as Oculus Rift.

Share your media, use shared media

You can share your own media files with other content creators on Fader through the built-in media library. Likewise you can use media shared by other users to create wonderful stories.

Live editing

Once published your stories can still be edited by your to incorporate feedback or add content. Your changes will become visible to your viewers once your changes were saved.

Cancel at any time

You can downgrade or cancel your paid subscription at any time. Your stories will remain online and accessible, however the bandwidth limits of your new account subscription will apply.