Project #360Lieblingsort

This world is a pretty huge place. You might have found that out by now already. Besides all the obvious touristic highlights there are so many places that need to be discovered. We want you to help us find these places.

Take a 360 image or video and show us and the world your favorite spot. We are looking for highly subjective stuff. Your happy place. Your favorite cheese shop, best pool, nicest tree or incredible stairs. Are you into brutalist architecture? Or hidden lakes? Go shoot a picture or a video and tell us more.

All you need is a smartphone with a 360 app like Google Street View or a 360 camera like the Insta One or others. If unsure how to do it, get some advice here.

Upload your project to Fader and use the Hashtag #360Lieblingsort. That actually means favorite spot in german. And the 360, well – hell yeah – that stands for seeing everything! Our robot friend Sophia started building #360Lieblingsort-examples straight away. Check them out in the discover-section of Fader.

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