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Our Fader prototype is up and running

These are exciting times for us. Google’s Digital News Initiative has announced their second round of funding and we are proud of being considered yet another time. We aim to build a VR tool – Fader – that turns your story into a VR experience. Easy, fast and web-based!

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VR in Berlin

This week is a good week to be in Berlin. Especially, if you are a VR journalist or if you are interested in VR storytelling. Then Berlin is a good place to be right now. Why? Well, first of all, we are organizing Berlin’s first VR Journalism Hackathon.  This is exciting because we bring together a group of journalists, designers and programmers to start prototyping for VR journalism projects. It starts on Wednesday at 10am, the hackathon is organized by us

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3D Engine

Creating “Stadtmitte in VR” – A Technical Perspective

Creating the virtual reality experience of Berlin’s Stadtmitte subway station was a valuable experience for us. Over the course of a little more than 6 weeks, we had a relatively short time for developing this gamified and immersive experience and it provided quite a few unique challenges for us. Our Marcus Bösch already talked about how to design a playful VR experience. This post will focus more on the technical issues we faced. Since we were targeting for multiple platforms and

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A100 VR

Update: Public broadcaster rbb published the project, so you can have a look! Also, these are the different versions you can download, depending on the gear you have: WebGL Version (Browser version) Android-Version for Cardboard: Download the app here  Android-Version for Samsung Gear VR: Download the app here Oculus version: Download the file here iOS: Download the app here ————————— Stephan and Linda have been involved in A100 VR, a project funded by MIZ and initiated by Lorenz Matzat, the founder of the Berlin-based company Lokaler.

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