Talking immersive journalism at re:publica

This year, re:publica celebrated its 10th anniversary and our team was present in a few of the panels. Marcus, Stephan and Linda talked about the challenges and great opportunities of immersive journalism, immersive arts, how art is changing the internet and of course, we discussed our product idea Fader.

As a co-founder of The Good Evil, Marcus has been highly engaged in the contemporary digital culture discussing controversial issues evolving around reality, immersion and the electronic superhighway.

Let him take you on this ride and watch his presentation here [in German]

On a different panel, Marcus also discussed immersive arts and what it means to not only observe but to be part of art.

Watch this discussion here [in German]

Stephan was part of a panel discussing opportunities in immersive journalism – what to expect as a producer of immersive stories, what technologies to use, what the users’ role is.

Linda was part of a presentation organized by Google News Labs.

She presented our Fader idea to the crowd and what does it mean for us to have been selected as a recipient of the Google DNI prototype fund.

Also, our project A100 VR – funded by MIZ and coordinated by Lorenz Matzat, @vrjournalist and co-founder of Lokaler was pitched at the event.

This year, it certainly felt like VR has reached a first peak – virtual reality projects were seen everywhere and these are exciting times, not only for us as VRagments but for all the storytellers out there who have the chance to think completely out of the box and come up with new ways of laying out a narrative – we are looking forward to next year, hopefully with more VR.

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