The Weekly Week #4 – Digging Deeper

Discussing relevance, live streaming, flat experiences and doctor vr.

I was just invited to dinner the other day. Our lovely hosts are both working as film directors and producers. They were not quite sure about what i was talking about when i started to explain what we are doing with VR: Aha, i see. These glasses, yeah sure. By the way: Besides the McDonalds cardboard version you can find one at Tchibo – a place where you buy your coffee. Don´t ask me why this guy wearing one has purple hair. Must have something to do with being ready for the future?!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-11 um 12.38.52

While diving deeper and deeper into the topic the distance between the ones reading about devices, use cases and just general stuff on a daily basis and the ones who have barely seen a HMD (stands for Head Mounted Display) gets bigger and bigger. That leaves us to constantly explain. Just to let you know: We see it as our duty to do so without ever becoming annoyed.

Every time you have to explain concepts of VR or AR you get better in doing so and you basically are forced to check if you are convincing and still do believe the stuff you are actually talking about.

While our developers are nearly there with finalizing our first VR-story that was built with our VR content management system Fader, i stumbled upon these articles that i present for your reading pleasure:

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