The Weekly Week #1 – The ultimate display

Discussing Meta, flying planes, a VR museum and ghosts with impact

I wanna start from. Before the beginning. This week i read a short scientific article from long ago. You can find it here. It is just two pages. It throws you back into the year 1965. A 27 year old guy named Ivan is making up his mind about future scenarios, fantasizing not only about computer displays that will (one day that is) have an ability to draw simple curves („would be useful“) but „a display [that] could literally be the Wonderland into which Alice walked.“




Some of you might have had an Alice-moment when checking out the TED-presentation of Meta or at least the gifs provided here. Weird headline here. We have to wait a couple of days until we can check out the full talk. Meanwhile I do strongly NOT recommend to watch Robert Scoble gibbering about Meta like a hyperactive teenage girl madly in love here. We are so very curious checking out Hololens or Meta to find out how these devices can best be used for journalism. Even if i was a little underwhelmed by Microsofts latest demo: And you?




Have you yet checked out the Jaunt-App? Fast company named Jaunt as most innovative VR company. And while this can frankly be discussed it is interesting to see not only with whom Jaunt has partnered already (e.g. North Face), but how they try out narrative storytelling in 360 dedgree video. I especially liked that approaching plane while „visiting“ Nepal. It gives you an actual reason to turn your head and that happens nearly automatically. We can learn from that when it comes to user guidance in vr-scenarios.

What else? A bunch of unsorted links:

Okay, enough. speak soon. Bye Bye.

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