The Weekly Week #2 – Give me superpowers

Discussing PsychicVR, Associated Press and the Hype Cycle.

Hello world! As you may or may not have heard yet. We are one of the DNI funded projects. Yay. That gives us the opportunity to focus on the product development of Fader, our VR solution for journalists. Check out Lindas write-up about Fader and meeting Trey from CIR last week.

VR and Journalism is a thing now – discussed here and there. The Associated Press has announced to experiment and so have others. Check out what Die Welt is doing over at Vrideo or listen to their head of video Martin Heller (sorry, german only). And this years idocs-festival will have a panel called „When VR Meets Journalism“.

Right now the discussion mainly circles around 360 degree video, the low hanging fruit of VR while we already focus on the very next step. That is to combine different media in VR in order to find out best ways to design immersive experiences perfectly suited for VR. Having experiences in building story worlds and 3D games we know that there is so much more than linear video – even if it is 360.

We are well aware that this is going to take some time but given the fact that things are evolving so very fast in the VR-sector right now, we are still very optimistic. And we have read and understood this good article by Matthew Szymczyk: Lessons Virtual Reality Startups Can Learn from the Augmented Reality Hype Cycle.

Though these 360-degree simulations seem new now, it’s only a matter of time until they lose their luster as the next BSO (Bright Shiny Object) lands on marketers and consumers’ radars. So it’s important to continue to evolve your technology and platform so you’re never asked, “This is cool … but then what?”

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Speaking about Bright Shiny Objects. The combination of VR and Brain Interfaces will certainly be a thing. If you like check out Marcus experiment combing art and a brain interface or directly check out this more advanced experiment. If that is way to spooky, what about a good old ride in a rollercoaster.

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