The Weekly Week #3 – VR in Journalism

Discussing the Crossmeditag in Leipzig, acceleration and our new workshop programme.

Stephan, Linda and Marcus just spent two days in Leipzig to present Vragments and our project VRΩ  to a mixed crowd of German journalists during the Crossmedia Days 2016. We got a lot of helpful feedback. It was great to see that German journalists are obviously not so reluctant anymore when it comes to technical innovations compared
to the social media craze some years ago.

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Nevertheless, we see a lot of knowledge transfer work coming our way. We therefore set up a new modular workshop system together with Netzwerk Medientrainer, one of Germany´s leading strategy consultancies in the media business and part of Google´s Digital News Initiative. Right now it is german only, but you can check out our workshop leaflet here.

Apart from that, we all have the feeling that things are accelerating. We can not even count all the news concerning VR and AR coming in every single day. Just in case you missed it: McDonald’s Happy Meals In Sweden Can Fold Into Virtual Reality Goggles (*) And: Balenciaga Will Live Stream Fall Runway Show in VR (*).

A constant reminder to keep focus and track in order not to lose yourself in the shallow noise. Nevertheless this week was coined by news for Meta. You can pre-order it now. It costs $949. And looks stunning compared to the Hololens material.

AR and the combination of VR and AR will be a thing. Not sure about the Instagram-Style Real-World Filters, but the older Zeiss-demo that we saw in Leipzig where AR and VR blend into one another was quite interesting. Check our Twitter for constant links and if you like – meet us at Berlin VR Meetup #18 at Viacom and say ‚Hi‘.

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