The Weekly Week #5 – Our Hackathon

Discussing Europe´s first VR Journalism Hackathon, life is live and of course: ethics.

Another week in the life of our little startup. Besides Slack we now do have a weekly conference to keep track on what everybody is actually working on all the time. Quite effective to be doing several things simultaneously. Some days ago we announced our VR Journalism Hackathon taking place in Berlin, September 21-22 right before this years VR Conference that Linda helps organizing. If you want to mix, mingle and hack feel free to drop us a line and apply.

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What else? The Knight foundation published a report on VR Journalism: Viewing the Future? Virtual Reality in Journalism. Quite interesting but not filled with breathtaking news or findings. We started thinking about doing some VR journalism write-up for Germany.

Ultimately nothing

Snapchat started assembling a team to build smart glasses. We do like the final sentence in Mashables article:  It’s also entirely possible Snapchat’s research into smart glasses will ultimately produce nothing. Please go on and replace „Snapchat´s research“ with whatever you feel like. Thinking about 360 Livestreaming got us excited this week. Lots of different gear underway, like the 360fly 4K camera, announced in January will launch in April for $499 USD (and be way more expensive here in Europe we presume).

Counterpoint to all the hype

We are closing this weekly week not without letting you grin about the german way to think about VR. It of course needed two german  philosophers from Germany’s Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz to come up with a VR code of ethics. That – quote – serves as an important counterpoint to all the hype centered on virtual reality’s clinical or educational benefits by examining the risks of inhabiting a virtual surrogate body. Stay safe!

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