The Weekly Week #6 – VR Storytelling

Discussing F8, Storytelling and going to Mosul with the Economist.

If you were wondering how long a week can be or if this section should be renamed to The Monthly Month – we are still here. Busy working on our product Fader and apart from that Marcus was in Sicily picking oranges and contemplating about VR Storytelling. He checked the stuff you can find on the Internet and was pleased to see the article The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience which he highly recommends reading on the weekend.

And of course we checked out Facebooks developer conference to see „two people separated by 35 miles interacting in VR with hand gestures, voice chat and head movements. The pair connected in VR as naturally as if they were standing together.“ This Facebook mailbox really does look cheesy, but hey these are the early days and things never look polished there. Apart from drawing stupid ties there are certainly more interesting and more relevant things to do while teaming up in VR. We are not yet sure how to cope with having a strange avatar head and hands separated from a body…

Another video we checked out was this one. We saw at How The Economist used virtual reality to tell stories through digital reconstruction.  It wasn’t just some reporting you would do anyway with an extra VR element, says Anne McElvoy, senior editor at The Economist. Good point!  And now rush to danger and ride the Metaverse.

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