VR Healthcare Meetups

We went to several Healthcare Meetups over the past three weeks, showcasing our healthcare prototype and listening to talks about how VR can be utilized for healthcare purposes:

  • visualizing complex methods for patients’ better understanding
  • training methods for doctors
  • helping doctors during surgery
  • overcoming phobias by exposing patients to … basically anything they might be afraid of: height, spiders, small rooms … you name it
  • training apps for patients to see how to take certain medicine
  • so much more …

It was really interesting to see how far along many of these VR experiences are and how they are being used in medicine already.

At the VR Lounge in Berlin, we also got to present our prototype.

VR Lounge in Berlin, we also got to present our prototype.

Our prototype is called VRΩ. It is a VR game that allows you to fly through a patient’s body, detect cancer cells and fight them with laser treatment. You can play it with the Oculus and a Leap Motion controller.

This is the story: You are a young intern at a Berlin hospital. There is a secret lab where a small group of doctors have found a new technique for fighting cancer cells: By shrinking physicians, they are able to put them into the patients’ bodies and have them go to where the cancer cells are to treat them more efficiently. YOU are on this mission to go inside a patient’s body to fight cancer.

For this game, we worked in collaboration with a biologist, making sure that all the information is accurate and that it looks somewhat “real”.

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