VR in Berlin

This week is a good week to be in Berlin. Especially, if you are a VR journalist or if you are interested in VR storytelling. Then Berlin is a good place to be right now. Why?

Well, first of all, we are organizing Berlin’s first VR Journalism Hackathon.  This is exciting because we bring together a group of journalists, designers and programmers to start prototyping for VR journalism projects. It starts on Wednesday at 10am, the hackathon is organized by us in cooperation with DW AKADEMIE, The Center for Investigative Reporting and Mediadesign Hochschule. This is what we promise: If you are a journalist, programmer, designer, illustrator or VR enthusiast who would like to push things forward this event is for you. You get: 36 hours of prototyping, Like-minded people from all over Europe and the US, Get your hands dirty with some VR rapid prototyping, Learn more about tools to built VR experiences, Mix and mingle with journalists, coders and artists.

Also, the second VR conference for journalism and documentary is taking place on Friday. The line-up is already amazing with people coming from media organizations like arte, Euronews and Süddeutsche Zeitung. The conference is split into two part. The first one will include all the presentations and the second part will encompass hands-on sessions where participants can showcase their own projects.

Last but certainly not least, we are opening up a VR pop-up store TODAY and you are invited to come by and check out some projects we’ve been working on! This pop-up is part of a new initiative called Reveal Labs, supported by the Google News Lab. We have teamed up with the Center for Investigative Reporting to work on a 360 mini-series (three episodes) which will be launched tomorrow!

Pop Up store Berlin

This is the set-up so far:

Monday 9/19:
10am – 6pm
VR studio open house: come meet members of Reveal and VRagments as we get ready for a week full of interactive events and happy hours

Tuesday 9/20:
10am – 4pm
Reveal Labs workshop on shooting 360 video for VR. The day includes: a hands-on tutorial where you will learn how to use and get the most out of a 360-degree camera; try it out for yourself in the field, and convert the footage you shoot into your own virtual reality experience.
6 – 9pm
Correctiv-sponsored party celebrating the launch of Disfellowshipped, an immersive VR journalism experience by Reveal and VRagments.

Wednesday 9/21:
Day 1 of VRagments Hackathon at Victoria Versicherung
Apply for the hackathon:
Happy hour back at the studio.

Thursday 9/22:
Day 2 of VRagments Hackathon at Victoria Versicherung
Happy hour back at the studio.

Friday: 9/23:
10am – 5pm
VR Conference at silent green Kulturquartier. RSVP:http://vrconference.info/
euronews sponsored happy hour back at the studio.

Sunday and Monday, 9/24 + 9/25:
Winners from this year’s Berlin TechRaking event, Follow the Subsidies, will host a prototyping session to get feedback on their project.

The Reveal Labs VR studio is being generously furnished by Stange Design. Come join us at Oranienstr. 190!

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