VR Workshop For Beginners – What Can Be Done In 48 Hours?

Earlier this year, we conducted a VR workshop at Deutsche Welle AKADEMIE in Bonn, Germany. The participants wanted to learn more about immersive storytelling. Within two days, all DW trainees were able to come up with some very creative approaches to 360 narratives.

Needless to say, we only had a limited amount of time together and we wanted to make sure that everyone is getting the best results possible. So, what can be done in a matter of just a couple of days? Turns out: Quite a lot!

We believe in the mantra of learning by doing, especially when it comes to innovative technologies, practical approaches are the best initial way to see what works and what can be optimized.

Our trainers Marcus Bösch and Stephan Gensch divided the workshop into three main parts:

  1. Getting an overview of the VR market and seeing the relevance/challenges of this new medium.
  2. Understanding the opportunities of spherical storytelling (especially of interactive VR) and getting to know the equipment (cameras etc.).
  3. Hands-On part with the help of Fader, our VR product that allows a quick production and distribution of 360 stories.

The group was divided into three sub-groups and they all had a different take on 360 storytelling:

[German] Virtual tour through a German museum

The first group had a really neat idea of inviting the viewers into the German museum „Haus der Geschichte“ (translate: House of History) which currently runs an exhibition of the 50s in Germany.

The cool thing is, because Fader allows you to create interactive immersive stories, the viewer gets to pick a topic of interest (naturally, I picked sports). Then, the host is asking you a question about that topic and you get to pick your answer. If you are right, you will get more information. If you are wrong, you can go back and try again.

[German] News-like feature in Bonn

The second group picked a linear way of telling their 360 story. It is about the flooding earlier this year and invites the viewer to various places in the city to display climate change.

What I loved about this Fader story is the selection of places to be. Right at the beginning, the viewer is basically floating on water, the next scene is on the bridge which turns into another scene where I am at the Rheinufer. The host is right with the viewers, very cool way of telling that story.

[English] Bruce, the mouse

This was a really fun immersive story where the user is taking over the character of the mouse having to decide where to go in order to survive. If you make the wrong choice, it will not end well.

My favorite part of this video is the fact that viewers learn in a gamified way.

SUMMARY: Even if you just have a few days of experimenting with immersive storytelling, participants can do a lot if you keep it

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